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Who we are

Blue Flame IT Solutions is a Melbourne based company which focuses on making technology an asset for your business, not a problem! Our purpose is to help small-to-medium sized businesses concentrate on organisational growth and development without being concerned with the IT component. To accomplish this, we offer a vast array of quality IT services to help Australian businesses run with astute efficiency.

What we do


Blue Flame IT doesn't take a 'one size fits all' approach to supplying your computer equipment. We familiarise ourselves with your business to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and supply quality equipment best suited to you needs.


IT infrastructure is complicated and getting an expert to install you systems is a wise investment. Blue Flame IT are experts in installing IT infrastructure into businesses.


Blue Flame IT aims to maximise business continuity and minimise disruptive breakdowns and downtime through regular ongoing maintenance.  We adopt a pro-active approach to delivering and supporting IT solutions and will strive to find the problem before it becomes a concern


With over 18 years experience providing  technical expertise and support to a multitude of predominantly Melbourne businesses of varying industries, Blue Flame IT is able to provide a spectrum  of specialist advisory services.  This can range from a 'full-time hands-on' project management capacity, right down to a quick 'casual' consultative option. Our versatility allows us to solely manage your IT set up or work with and reinforce your already established IT department. 

"Our IT structure and platform was built by James from a start-up of two people to our current situation where there are more than100 users over multiple national sites"

                                                     Jannine Fraser, Managing Director, Directioneering /The Career Insight Group 

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